Guardian Anti-Fall Window Screen

Guardian fall prevention mesh window screens, allow you to fully operate your windows, without the risk of falling.

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Guardian - fall prevention window screens

Guardian® fall prevention screens create safe places for windows at height. Certain windows greater than 2.0m from the outside ground level need to meet the National Construction Code (NCC) fall prevention requirements, by using a restricted opening device, or if you want to use the full extent of your windows an approved screen, such as Guardian is essential.

Guardian® mesh is bonded into a fully welded, heavy duty aluminium frame. Because Guardian® features stainless steel mesh, it’s low maintenance, and strong enough to stand up to the rigours of children and pets.

Its appearance is perfectly matched to our ForceField® security screens for the ultimate in full home protection.

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A window that opens by sliding horizontally.
Double Sliding

A window that has two opening panels that slide horizontally.
Single Hung

One sash in the window frame is operable and moves up and down.
Double Hung

Both sashes in the window frame are operable and move up and down.

Composed of parallel blades set in a frame, joined on a track so they tilt open and shut in unison.

The window pane is hinged at the top and opens from the bottom, swinging upward.

The window pane is hinged on one side and swings outward.


Window with cross brace
Cross Brace

A horizontal cross brace allows you to have one screen on larger window openings. Choose between black to suit the infill or colour matched to the frame. The cross brace can be in any position you like.

Window with Mullion

A vertical mullion allows you to have one screen on larger window openings. The mullion can either be colour matched to the frame or black to suit the infill. The mullion can be in any position you like.

Guardian is a purpose designed window screen

Prowler Proof Guardian screens have been purpose designed, as a non-security barrier solution, to meet the National Construction Code requirements for fall prevention and complements ForceField seamlessly for a integrated solution. Not only has it been tested to exceed an outward force of 250NM (25kg), it also meets the BAL-LOW to BAL-40 requirements for bushfire prone areas and is a great option instead of insect screens for homes with pets that might need a more robust solution.

  • Fire Safety
    Fire Safety

    Bushfire prone zones require that openable windows must be screened with corrosion-resistant steel, bronze or aluminium mesh with an opening of less than 2 mm x 2 mm (AS 3959-2009). Prowler Proof ForceField® are also Fire Attenuation compliant screens designed to protect window openings that are less than 3m from a property boundary or within 6m of another building in the same allotment.

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  • Corrosion

    Whenever two different metals interact there is a risk of corrosion. The tests (AS 2331.3.2 and AS 2331.3.1) to show corrosion-resistance are the acetic acid salt spray test and neutral salt spray test.

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  • Insect Protection
    Insect Protection

    The mosquito protection test tests a screens ability to keep mosquitoes out over an extended period of time.

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  • Fall Prevention
    Fall Prevention

    The National Construction Code (NCC) (BCA 2013) requires that window openings be either restricted or screened, in certain circumstances, to prevent children falling. Screens that resist an outward horizontal action of 250 N meet the code and mean that window restrictors, that prevent the window being open more than 125mm, can be removed. Screens that have been tested and passed AS5039/5040 are deemed to comply with NCC requirements. Barrier screens must either be type tested in a NATA certified testing facility, or tested onsite by the installer.

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