You get a brand new product

The Prowler Proof warranty is Australia's only replacement warranty. Instead of a repair job, you will get a brand new product.

You don't have to do a thing

The moment your Prowler Proof product leaves our factory, you're covered by the warranty. You don't even need to keep your receipt - all products have a serial number that we can track in our system.

Fast response on your claim

It's quick to make a claim. Use the online form and we'll respond by the next business day, if not before. Or contact the dealer who installed your Prowler Proof product.

Cleaning is easy

Prowler Proof products are made to last. We just expect that you'd look after your Prowler Proof product like you would any other major investment, especially in homes that are located close to coastal or industrial areas. Have a look at our Care and Maintenance page, to find out how to best care for you Prowler Proof screens. You can also find information about stains by downloading our Basic Knowledge of Stains guide. 


Full warranty details