Why Prowler Proof? 

Prowler Proof is Australia's only welded security screen…and the only security screen made in a world class fully automated factory. These two facts combine to make Prowler Proof a superior product at a competitive price. We are the only security screen manufacturer in Australia to offer a 10 year replacement warranty. You will quite simply get a new product if your Prowler Proof product shows defects in workmanship or materials within 10 years from the date of manufacture. No ifs, no buts…no paperwork. Prowler Proof is a 100% Australian owned and operated family business. We have manufactured high quality security doors and window screens since 1984.

Prowler Proof today … 

Prowler Proof manufactures Australia's best residential security screens in Australia's only world class manufacturing facility.  Produced in a computer controlled hi-tech environment, Prowler Proof costs no more than old fashioned security screens with screws or rivets, put together by hand. Still Prowler Proof is stronger, looks better and offers better corrosion protection than any other security screen. You don't have to take our word for it: Prowler Proof has passed every conceivable test with flying colours and all test results are available right here on our website.

Welding image

A welded security screen is stronger…and looks better!

A weld can be stronger than the parts joined
The main difference between Prowler Proof and other security screens is that all Prowler Proof products have a fully welded frame. A weld joins two parts together, a screw or a rivet merely hold two parts together. A weld can actually be stronger than the parts joined…and it looks better than screws or rivets, too.

Seamless corners
With its seamless welded corners a Prowler Proof security screen looks like it's made in one piece. It feels that way, too. You will immediately notice the difference when you compare Prowler Proof with a product that is held together by screws or rivets. Prowler Proof feels stronger because it is stronger. 

No risk of corrosion caused by metals interacting
Whenever two different metals interact, there's a risk of corrosion. With no screws or rivets to penetrate the frame and the mesh in order to keep them together, this risk is eliminated in a Prowler Proof security screen. Another huge advantage of a welded security screen.

Above and beyond the standards 

Beating burgulars
Prowler Proof products meet or exceed all relevant Australian Standards…as well as some even tougher international standards. These tests include simulated burglar attacks with a knife, a screwdriver, cutting pliers…kicking and pulling. No match for ForceField®, Protec or any Diamond product.

Imagine being hit by 5 steel bullets less than a centimetre in diameter at 170km/h plus. Or a 4kg timber block at more than 100km/h. That is what is required by the Australian Standards Cyclone Test and Prowler Proof ForceField® passed with flying colour. ForceField® has also passed the American Standards Hurricane Test.

Salt water, fire and sun
All Prowler Proof products have survived a 1000-hour Salt-Spray Test with no signs of corrosion. ForceField, Guardian and Protec are approved for buildings in bushfire prone areas… other Prowler Proof products just need the optional stainless steel insect gauze to comply. A European test revealed that ForceField® reduces heat and UV light by 55%. We could go on…


Prowler Proof has manufactured high quality security doors and window screens since 1984. Always on the cutting edge, welding robots and online ordering were introduced last century. This century saw us introduce the paperless factory and ForceField the strongest and best looking security screen on the market. In 2008 we were a double finalist int he Telstra Business Awards and in 2012 we achieved a World Class ranking on the PROBE Manufacturing Global Benchmark. Prowler Proof remains a 100% Australian owned and operated family business.


Prowler Proof

1984 - Prowler Proof is founded

Prowler proof Security Doors and Screens was initially a retail manufacturer of security screens.

Tasman Henry

1991 - Tasman Henry buys Prowler Proof

Tasman Henry had big plans for Prowler Proof - plans that would transform the business.


1995 - First fully welded product

Prowler proof launched Welded Diamond. It was - and - still is - Australia's only fully welded security screen.


1996 - First online order

Prowler proof as a wholesale business started in 1996. Dealers could order online from the word go.


1998 - Welding robots introduced

Prowler proof was the first - and is still the only security screen with welded corners. Robots have perfected the welding since 1998.


2002 - Transition to paperless factory

The prowler proof production is fully computer controlled minimising the risk of error. The process started in 2002.


2003 - ForceField® introduced

Australia's strongest residential security screen aptly named ForceField® - was introduced in 2003. Coinciding with the company's first interstate order.


2005 - Michael Henry becomes managing director

Tasman's son Michael continues on with Tasman's vision and innovation. Snaplock Diamond - black mesh combined with any colour frame was introduced.


2008 - Telstra Business Awards double finalist

Prowler Proof reached the 2008 finals in two out of five categories: Best Medium Business and Most Innovative Business.


2009 - New factory. First export order.

Prowler proof built a new factory - three times the size of the previous premises. The first export order was fulfilled. Prowler proof plans for the future.

10 year replacement warranty

2011 - 10 year replacement warranty

Prowler Proof introduced Australia's first - and still the only 10 year replacement warranty on all products.


2012 - ‘World Class’ rating on global benchmark

Outperforming the industry at a global level, Prowler proof achieved a 'World Class' rating on the PROBE manufacturing the global benchmark.

30 years

2014 – 30 years of home security

Prowler Proof celebrates 30 years of home security. Stronger and in better shape than ever.


2014 – Protec introduced

Prowler Proof Protec security screens - Strong, perforated aluminium security doors & window screens - with welded corners was introduced.

 HIT logo

2016 – H.I.T.® concealed interlocks launched

Prowler Proof concealed interlocks first launched. Not only are these interlocks aesthetically pleasing, they haves change the way sliding security doors are installed, with home owners now being confident their doors are being correctly installed to AS5040 the security door installation standard.

First App

2016 - Prowler Proof’s first dealer app is launched

Prowler Proof is the first company in the industry to provide their network of dealers all of their job status info on the go with the Prowler Proof Job Status App.


2018 - Guardian® screens are launched

Guardian® fall prevention window screens were introduced in 2018. They allow you to fully operate your windows, without the risk of falling, as per the National Construction Code for fall prevention.

Hinge Window

2019 - The Hinge Window Security Screen is launched

Hinge Window Security Screen has been introduced in 2019. The biggest advantage, on a day to day basis, is the accessibility to open the screen to clean both screen and window glass, for a perfect view.


2019 – Hinge Window won Most Innovative component at the AGWA Awards

Prowler Proof Hinge Window Security Screen has taken out the Australia Glass & Window Association (AGWA) industry award for Most Innovative Component 2019 at the annual Design Awards ceremony held during AusFenEx19 in Sydney.