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When you are looking to select a Prowler Proof dealer, you have some choices.


Certified Dealers

We here at Prowler Proof want you to make the best decision possible in creating a safer place at your place.

Other than creating quality products, another way we do this is by entrusting our Certified Dealer network to deliver the best outcome for you.

All of our Certified Dealer's have be audited and trained, and no matter which of them you choose, you can have confidence that with a certified dealer you'll receive the best product, the best installation and the best service.

No matter if you choose a Certified Dealer at White, Bronze, Silver or Gold level, you will be working with a knowledgeable, trusted dealer who will deliver you exceptional customer service.

Our dealers who have been recognised at Bronze, Silver and Gold level have been recognised for their extensive experience in installing Prowler Proof screens. They have the most experience with Prowler Proof, well over 5,000 Prowler Proof screens installed at a Bronze level, 10,000 Prowler Proof screens installed at a Silver level, and over 30,000 Prowler Proof screens installed at a Gold level. This means they've served thousands of customers.  

When you're looking for a dealer to install your new screens, look for any of the Certified Dealer badges, it's your sign of knowledge, experience and great customer service.

Prowler Proof Authorised Dealer Infographic with information


Prowler Proof dealer installing


Prowler Proof’s Certified Dealers have acquired all the necessary certifications and licensing required to run a business in their relevant states. They are members of an industry body and have completed the Prowler Proof Audit ensuring they install our products to standard.

Dealer installing


This group have installed thousands of Prowler Proof screens, servicing hundreds, and in many cases thousands of customers around Australia. A dealer at White level will have installed at least 1,000 screens, Bronze level will have installed at least 5,000 screens, Silver level will have installed over 10,000 screens, and a dealer at Gold level will have installed over 30,000. The experience they have with product solutions is second to none and you can ensure that they will be able to solve any problem that may arise.

Dealer installing

Trusted Partner

Prowler Proof trust that should there ever be a problem with your product or installation that these Certified Dealers will provide quality after sales service.

Prowler Proof dealer quoting


Prowler Proof have the utmost confidence in the abilities of this group, we as the supplier, can vouch for them, having worked side by side with most of our certified dealers for upwards of 10 years.