It's the finishing touches that make the difference...

The difference between a good looking screen and a great looking screen can all come down to the design and installation.
At Prowler Proof, we understand that you not only want your screens to perform, you want them to look like they belong,
not look like they've been added on as an after thought.
That's why we now use our H.I.T. design methodology when we design new products.*

* H.I.T. accessories are available for our sliding doors as an option. Ask your authorised dealer for more details. H.I.T. comes standard in the hinge window security screen.

H.I.T.® - Hidden Installation Technology

H.I.T. is our design methodology for our next generation of security products. It focuses on four key principles:


No exposed fixing points means your product looks better. Your product looks like it's meant to be there, not added on as an after thought.


By removing access to fixing points, we've removed the ability for fasteners to be tampered with.


Because of the advanced fixing design, the products have high attack resistance, and have undergone and exceeded the requirements of the Australian Standards for security AS5039 and AS5040.


Safety is at the forefront of everything that we do. Our new designs make the process of installation safer for our dealers, and the designs are safe for your whole family to use.

H.I.T. is exclusive to Prowler Proof and all of our new products are being designed under this methodology*. It's just another way we're Creating a Safer Place for you to live.

Higher tamper resistance

Fasteners are either totally inaccessible from the outside, or they're installed in a recessed channel preventing intruders trying to undo them with tools such as pliers, as there’s no way for them to grip the fastener head.

Finger grips and easy to use handles 

Inbuilt finger grips or simple to use handle designs make opening and closing doors and window screens so much easier.

Hidden fasteners 

There's no unsightly fasteners to look at, as we've hidden them either inside channels concealed with cover strips, or within the frame, so the sash covers them when closed. 

Added strength 

The concealed fix receivers used on double sliding and corner sliding systems are up to six times stronger than using conventional extrusions, for added security.

End caps and mo-hair 

With end caps on sliding door receivers, insects and light won’t be able to get through as the gaps are blocked off. Mohair gives a soft close mechanism, stops rattling noises and closes light gap.

Proven performance 

The Prowler Proof hinge window, and the concealed fix door and stile interlocks have been tested with Prowler Proof ForceField and Protec sliding doors, and have all passed Australian Standards 5039/5040, giving you confidence in the product and installation.