Prowler Proof hinge window security screens suit the full range of window applications including sliding, single/double hung, casement, awning and louvre.

The unique Prowler Proof hinge window security screen includes European designed hardware, with high security multi-point locking. This hardware has been proven to perform time after time, so you can be assured that your screen will open when you need it to, and close properly, and securely every time. Our unique fixing channel with H.I.T.® – Hidden Installation Technology, not only hides all the fasteners so your screen doesn’t look like its been added as an after thought, it locks all of them away, removing tampering opportunities. The purpose designed, dual action handle removes the chance of accidental opening, and the removable sash makes cleaning window glass and the screen simple.
Hinge window security screen features


  • Concealed Hardware
    Concealed Hardware

    Concealed hardware which is not accessible from the outside give’s intruders no locking points to attack.

  • Dual Action Handle
    Dual Action Handle

    Flush dual action handle is simple to use, and prevents accidental opening, so you know your screen can’t be accidently opened and your house left unsecured.

  • Maximised Daylight
    Maximised Daylight

    The custom low-profile frame and sash ensures the hinge window maximises daylight and airflow through the screen.

  • Removable Sash
    Removable Sash

    The removable sash provides full access to the screen and glass window for easy cleaning.

  • Welded Corners
    Welded Corners

    Featuring our fully welded frame and sash corners, for a stronger and superior finish.

  • Unbreakable Bond
    Unbreakable Bond

    The operable sash and mesh are joined together in our unique mechanical and chemical bond, making it virtually unbreakable and providing complete insulation…eliminating a major cause of corrosion.

  • Multiple Locking Points
    Multiple Locking Points

    Multiple locking points (min. 5 to max. 14) around the full perimeter of the removable sash provides maximum.


  • Awning Window
  • Casement Windows
  • Double Hung Window
    Double Hung
  • Double Hung Window
    Single Hung
  • Sliding Door
    Single Sliding Door
  • Double Sliding Doors
    Double Sliding Door
  • Louvre Window
Options and accessories vary by range. To confirm the accessories and options available in the range you are after, check the 'Our Range' section of the website or speak to your Prowler Proof authorised dealer.