Vision, Purpose and Mission



Prowler Proof Vision

We are striving for zero harm of people, or property, in their home.

You should feel safe in your home, whether that’s feeling safe from unwanted intruders - like burglars or insects, or knowing your children are safe from the risks of falling out of windows. Our vision is about reducing the number of people that are harmed in their home, or property that is lost or damaged, due to uncontrolled entrances or exits.


Prowler Proof Purpose

We believe you, and your loved ones, should be safe in your home. Prowler Proof is working to have a positive impact on safety every day.

Every day in Australia unlawful entries to properties are reported. That means that every day Australian families experience this devastating event. Security screens and doors installed onto a home significantly reduce the risk of unlawful entry, as the opportunistic burglar loses the chance to simply enter through an open window or door. Australian children fall from windows or balconies in their homes every week. Some of these falls are fatal. A home that installs compliant screens to windows reduces the risk of a child falling from that window by 100%! Every year in Australia people contract mosquito borne diseases from infected mosquitos. A home fitted with screens reduces the opportunity for these mosquitos to enter and bite family members.


Prowler Proof Mission

We design and produce products and services that make it easier to create a safer home.

All of our product and service solution development is driven by our mission. The Prowler Proof team are constantly working on ways to help you in creating a safer place.