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At Prowler Proof, our security doors and window screens are as beautiful as they are strong. And here’s the proof – there’s no ugly rivets or screws holding the frame together* and 300 colours to choose from.

How do I see the colours available?

Your dealer has 50 of our 100 standard colours available on colour chips for you to view during your measure and quote, and we also have the Dulux and Interpon brochures available for downloading.


Are the colours the same as wet paint colours?

Powder coat colours and wet paint colours are not always exactly the same, so it’s important to check the powder coat colour charts to ensure you get the exact colour you’re after.


Is there a longer lead time for some colours?

Because of our unique manufacturing process, and because we paint our screens onsite during manufacturing, no matter what colour you choose, they all come in the same lead time.


Which part of the screen is ‘coloured’?

For ForceField, Guardian, Protec, SnapLock and Insect, the frame is powder coated in your choice of colour, and the infill is black or insect gauze. For Welded Diamond and Heritage, the grille/cast panel is also painted in the powder coat colour you select.


and here's the proof:

Dulux colour chart

Interpon colour chart

*Rivets are used to hold hinges on hinge doors, but not to hold the frame together or the mesh in place.


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