Probe World Class Factory Image

Prowler Proof has achieved the rating ‘World Class’ on the PROBE Manufacturing global benchmark.

What is PROBE?

PROBE is one of the world’s leading organisational assessment and best practice benchmarking tools, used in over 30 countries to promote and support the pursuit of Business Excellence across all sectors. The process compiles a report and provides a ‘World Class‘ score compared against a cross-section of international companies. PROBE is a diagnostic process designed to access the Practice and Performance of a business.

To achieve the World Class rating, a business must score above 80% in both Practice and Performance. Prowler Proof achieved 85% and 82% respectively – well above the requirement of a World Class rating.

The results are 20 points above the PROBE industry average for Practice and 19 points above the average for Performance. The PROBE industry average is considered to be higher than the overall industry average – businesses with a positive attitude to benchmarking are more likely to continuously improve.


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