Mechanically and Chemically Bonded

An adhesive is used to bond the mesh to the frame in Prowler Proof ForceField, Protec, Guardian and SnapLock products.

How is adhesive stronger than screwing?

The industrial strength adhesive we use to join our mesh to our frame is also used in other extreme applications such as aerospace and motorsports, where a reliable bond through all sorts of conditions is required. Our unique frame design features a dove tail groove. As the adhesive is applied to the groove, it fills all the gaps in the frame and penetrates through the holes in the mesh, when cured (set), this creates a mechanical bond joining all these materials together.


What is the benefit of bonding?

The use of adhesives eliminates the corrosion associated with dissimilar metals joining, such as the joining of steel with aluminum by screwing through the steel and aluminium. The use of adhesive as bonding material also does not produce any deformation in the materials, improving the aesthetics of the product.


Will I see the adhesive through the mesh?

Once the mesh is laid over the adhesive in the frame, we cover it all up with a sleek retaining strip, so it's all hidden from view.


and here's the proof:

The strength of our bond is shown through our dynamic impact testing, view the video.


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