“The Prowler Proof design is the best on the market. It’s welded, it’s stronger and it looks more appealing. With no screws or rivets it doesn’t corrode which is very important here on the Sunshine Coast. You can order online and track your orders so you can keep your customers up-to-date. Prowler Proof is an amazing company – their customer service is 10 out of 10.”
Cameron Tilbrook, East Coast Security Screens

“I only want to sell the best product and Prowler Proof is the best. It’s welded, so it’s stronger and the powder coating is superior. Delivery times are quick which is very important. They have an excellent brochure and very good information. The girls in their office are very helpful. I make a call and they solve the problem quickly, that’s what you need when you are in business.”
Greg Fawkner, MakeSafe Security & Blinds

“We don’t have to have anyone in the factory, Prowler Proof does all the manufacturing. The superior strength and finish of the product helps us sell it. Prowler Proof’s service and delivery is great.”
Allan Hall, Landsborough Screens & Security Service

“It’s generally hard to juggle staff levels in this economic climate. Either we are busy or we are not. It’s easier with Prowler Proof doing the manufacturing. It frees up time to do more sales. Their doors are stronger because they are welded and I get feedback from customers on how good the product looks. Because it is welded, it looks nice and clean. Not having to worry about manufacturing is a large burden taken off your mind.”
Jason Pitt, Geelong Security Doors

“The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to manufacture yourself, you can cut down on staff. And you can’t manufacture the quality you get from Prowler Proof, their quality is vastly superior. It is a welded product and the finish is better than anything else out there. After I saw the quality of the doors and the effective delivery, it would be silly of me not to do it full time. The people there are really nice, friendly and great to work with.”
Jack Haggan, Valley Security Doors & Screens

“If I made the door myself it would take me a couple of hours, now it takes me 10 minutes to place the order and a week later the door arrives here in South Australia. The quality is fantastic. It’s welded, it’s really strong…I have a product that’s unmatchable. Prowler Proof are very professional. If you have a problem and you give them a call, it pretty much gets sorted straight away.”
Gaeten Wadham, Aldinga Security Screens

“Welded aluminium security is something no one else can offer. It’s stronger and Prowler Proof has the brand recognition. They really put their name out there and we like to be associated with that. The doors are the same every time and Prowler Proof are really moving their business forward, which is good for us as well.”
Clare Rochester, Moreton Bay Blinds & Security

“The Prowler Proof product is far superior to any other product on the market. I get many more sales – the product sells itself. The computerised order system is easy and they deliver faster than any other supplier…even our local Sydney suppliers. Prowler Proof’s factory is computerised so it’s fast and accurate with less human error. Their customer service is brilliant, they make me look good.”
Bill Karley, Ozzy Tuff Security Screens

“After 3 months trial I worked 10 hours less per week and I increased my earnings by $300 per   week. Prowler Proof never make mistakes and they never deliver products in the wrong size. In my 30 years in the industry they are the best supplier I have ever dealt with.”
Andrew Randall, Quality Home Security

“The supply is totally consistent. Prowler Proof delivers within 3-6 working days… even in special colours. I probably work 20% less than before and have a 20-25% increase in cashflow. They don’t interfere with my business…don’t try to tell us what to do.”
Ben Morris, Starline Security