August 24, 2022

Summer is on the way and that means it is about to get warm. If you are in the market for security screens that will not only let the breeze in but keep you safe as well, we have put together a small guide to help demystify the buying process.

What do I look for in a security screen?

There are many varied brands on the market as well as many different installers. You will want to make sure that the product meets the Australian Standards for Security AS5039, and the installer installs to standard as well; AS5040 Installation of security screen doors and window grilles.

These two things are the most important when buying a security screen because if the product does not meet the standards, you might be paying for a security screen but only getting a ‘barrier’ or screen door that is only built to keep smaller nasties out, such as insects.
Prowler Proof Hinge Window with NSSA Security Sticker

What kind of security screen door or window do I need?

At Prowler Proof we have a broad range of products to suit many applications. ForceField is our top of the range marine grade stainless steel mesh product. It passes not only the standards but also passes cyclone testing which consists of a missile test and a ballistics test. It also went through bushfire testing where it withstood a radiant heat flux level of 60 kw/m2 for a minimum of 60 minutes. It also has a WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) 5-star rating for energy and UV light.
Prowler Proof ForceField Door Corner

Protec passes all security testing, as well as a Bushfire Attack Level BAL-29. Corrosion testing was not much of a challenge for this screen door either. Whenever two different metals interact there is a risk of corrosion. The tests (AS 2331.3.2 and AS 2331.3.1) to show corrosion-resistance are the acetic acid salt spray test and neutral salt spray test. Protec is made with an aluminium frame and infill meaning it passed this testing with ease.
Prowler Proof Protec Door Corner

Guardian screens have been made with fall prevention in mind, while they do not pass all six tests for security, they are a cost-effective option for people screening second storey windows. It has been tested to exceed an outward force of 250NM (25kg), it also meets the BAL-LOW to BAL-40 bushfire requirements.
Prowler Proof Guardian Fall Prevention Screen Door Corner

Diamond security screens are the cheapest option for security. Prowler Proof’s Diamond products pass all the tests for AS5039; however, they are not recommended on properties that have bushfire requirements as they use a fibreglass insect screen gauze. However, they do carry high corrosion resistance and has multiple gauze options, including micro-mesh for homes with midges.
Prowler Proof Diamond Design Door Corner

Heritage designs are used for decorative purposes on heritage homes, they do not pass any security testing due the large gaps in the designs and with the use of insect gauze, are not suitable for bushfire applications. However, like Diamond they do carry high corrosion resistance and have multiple gauze options, including micro-mesh for homes with midges.
Prowler Proof Heritage Door Design Door Corner

The Prowler Proof Insect screens are purely that. They do not carry any security benefits, however, there are multiple gauze types, micro-mesh, and pet proof mesh. They are corrosion resistant and perfect for apartments that do not require security.
Prowler Proof Insect Screen Door Corner

How are security window screens and doors made?

Security screen doors are manufactured in diverse ways by different brands. Many brands supply parts for their installers to manufacturer themselves, so you can get many variations. Prowler Proof manufactures all our products, so the dealer gets an entire screen delivered, ready for installation. This allows us to keep the manufacture consistent so we can be confident that every screen is constructed to the Standard.
Prowler Proof Factory Manufacturing Door Corner Welding

Security Screen Frame

Prowler Proof frames are welded, not held together with screws or rivets. You can spot a Prowler Proof security screen door by its smooth corners.
Prowler Proof Door Corner Welder

Bonded Security Screens

At Prowler Proof we like to use as few screws as possible, reducing the risk of corrosion. We use an industrial strength adhesive bonding the mesh to the frame, in our ForceField, Protec and Guardian products. This method is also used in other extreme applications such as aerospace and motorsports, where a reliable bond through all sorts of conditions is required. Adhesive is applied to the dove-tail groove in the frame, it fills all the gaps in the frame and penetrates through the holes in the infill, when cured (set), this creates a mechanical bond joining all these materials together.
Prowler Proof Chemical Bond Gluing

Security Screen Infills

This is what differentiates each of our ranges. ForceField is the top of the range product, it uses 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, Protec uses a single perforated aluminium sheet, powder coated with a textured Teflon finish. Guardian uses a 304 architectural grade stainless steel mesh and our Diamond, Heritage and Insect screens come with different options for the gauze included.
Prowler Proof Mesh Infill

Security Screen Grilles

At Prowler Proof you can choose from either SnapLock or Welded Diamond Grilles. A weld is stronger than a screw or rivet, so we weld the connection points of our Welded Diamond product by hand in our factory, so we know it is safe.
Prowler Proof Diamond Design Infill Stock

Security Screen Door Hinges

At Prowler Proof we do not take short cuts when selecting hardware for our security screens. We understand that every component that goes into your security screen is important. We know that you expect your product to look good, perform to the standards, and last. That is why Prowler Proof product ordered with Lockwood 8654 (hinge door) locks, will be partnered with low-maintenance, long-lasting, stainless-steel hinges.
Lockwood Door Hinges

Security Screen Door Locks

It is important to buy a security screen that has a 3-point lock and pin cylinder. If the screen you buy does not have these components, it means that it does not meet the standards for security and is only considered a barrier screen.

Prowler Proof uses the best quality locks in the business. Lockwood is the leading brand in the Australian locking industry. With a well-established reputation for high quality products, this iconic brand provides a wide range of locking solutions to residential housing, commercial building, and industrial application markets. Lockwood is part of ASSA Abloy. ASSA Abloy has more than 150 companies operating throughout the world. 
Lockwood Lock

There are many different things to consider when buying security screen doors and windows. The best way to make sure you are getting a product that is going to suit your needs is by asking one of our Certified Dealers, they are aware of Construction Code, Australian Standards and Industry requirements and can help you along the process.