June 29, 2020
The main difference, when you’re trying to choose between Prowler Proof’s two Diamond options - Welded Diamond and SnapLock - is the colour of the grille. SnapLock – you can choose your frame colour, from our range of over 300 colours, and the grille will be black.

SnapLock uses our adhesive technology for joining the frame and grille together, meaning every grille contact point is bonded to the frame in a mechanical and chemical bond. Black grille is more transparent and blends in better with the look of most homes.

Welded Diamond – the frame and grille are powder coated the same colour, that you select from our extensive colour range of over 300 colours. Welded Diamond has the grille welded into the frame – no rivets – with welding at every second contact point.

Both SnapLock and Welded feature our welded corners, 10 year full replacement warranty, and even more importantly, both have been tested and passed AS5039 for security. That means when you choose Prowler Proof Diamond you’re getting a compliant security screen. Most diamond grille products are not security screens, as they have not passed the testing required for AS5039.

Both options come standard with fibreglass gauze, but you can also choose from our gauze options, to meet your performance requirements – ie pets, privacy etc.