February 16, 2018
A high quality security screen can be so much more than just a bug stopper for your home. When it comes to choosing security doors and window screens, make sure you pick one that covers you for everything life can throw at it. ForceField is Australia’s premium stainless steel mesh security screen. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what ForceField has been independently tested and proven to stop:

Security screen iconsStops unwanted intruders


ForceField has been through every security test in the book – and passed them all with flying colours. The Australian Standards test for security (AS5039) consists of six separate tests that all have to be passed by the same test sample.

Stops insects

ForceField is a security screen and insect screen in one. The openings in the mesh are big enough for you to enjoy your view, but still small enough to keep just about all little creatures outside where they belong.

Stops flying storm/cyclone debris

You don’t need to live in a cyclone-prone area to benefit from a screen that has passed cyclone testing. Storms throughout all of Australia can cause flying debris that can break through an unprotected door or window, and cause potential internal damage. ForceField has passed AS/NZS 1170 which includes the missile test at impact speeds of up to 104 km/h as well as the ballistics test at impact speeds of up to 178 km/h.

Security screen iconsStops falls

Falling from heights is a major issue in Australia, and to help reduce the incidence of falls, changes have been made to the National Construction Code (NCC). To remove window restrictors, in certain applications, the fitting of a screen that resists an outward horizontal action of 250 N is required. ForceField easily exceeds these requirements.

Stops embers

ForceField passes the Australian Standard for construction of homes in bushfire prone zones (AS 3959), so is another line of defence in preventing dangerous embers entering a home during a bushfire.

Stops heat/cold

A well designed security screen can make a major difference to the ongoing energy consumption requirements of a home. ForceField keeps solar heat and UV light out during summer and reduces heat loss during winter. During testing ForceField reduced solar heat gain and UV light by up to 67% (WERS rating 5 stars), and reduced heat loss up to 28%(WERS 3 star rating).

We’re proud of our test results, and they’re all publicly available on our website here