Prowler Proof NSSA Safe Installation Hinge Window Image

November 9, 2022

Among Australian workers, falls are the most common cause of fatal injuries and death. Business carried out in a two-storey setting can be hazardous due to the presence of fall hazards. Falls from ladders could mean injury, time off work, loss of income, or if it’s your employee that falls, a potential Workcover investigation.

As part of the WHS Act, workers and other individuals at work must also comply with its requirements. Taking reasonable care of their own health and safety at work is part of this duty. If risks are identified early, more options can be explored to eliminate or minimise them and reduce the associated costs.

According to the WHS Act section 19 any person conducting a business or undertaking has a primary duty of care, not only for themselves but for their employees. If preventing falls during construction is not reasonable, the risks must be minimised to the maximum extent possible.

Prowler Proof aim to manufacture products that not only create a safer place for the end consumer but also for you, our partners to install.

The Hinge Window security screen makes installation safer; you can avoid the use of ladders or hire equipment to work at heights as these screens can be installed entirely from inside the home. Because the sash can be removed, it means you can install the frame from inside the home, and then fit the sash at the end, and now because the hinge window security screen comes with optional lockable handle, you can still install screens compliant to fall prevention requirements from inside the home.

For more information on your WHS requirements with regards to managing the risk of falls in the workplace visit the ‘Managing the risk of falls in construction” guidelines.