March 15, 2019

In a recent Poll run by Prowler Proof, it was found that 57% of respondents were unaware that most diamond grille products installed in Australian homes are not classed as security screens.

To be classed as a security screen, as per Australian Standard AS5039, a product must be tested and pass all six tests specified in AS5041.

Any screen that has not undergone this testing, or any screen that has not passed all six of the tests, is deemed to be a barrier screen.

The results of the Poll make it obvious that many Australian homes are being left unprotected, as their owners are unaware that the product they believe is security, is in fact not. Intrusion through a barrier screen can be much easier, and faster, than intrusion through a security screen. 

Many homes when built include a ‘screening package’ which in many cases includes diamond grille screens, manufactured and supplied by the window companyBased on the Poll results, there is a risk that homeowners think they’re getting a ‘security package’ when they may not be. 

Historically it has been difficult for homeowners to know if the product that is being installed is in fact security.

Australian Standard StickersThe National Security Screen Association has helped resolve this issue for homeowners, with a check that manufacturers are labelling their screens as security screens, during their annual manufacturing auditing process, as per the requirement of AS5039. 

If you buy a ‘security screen’, and it gets installed and you can’t see a compliance sticker. Ask your installer why.

Prowler Proof ForceField, Protec, Welded Diamond and SnapLock Diamond have all been tested and passed the requirements, and are labelled to reflect their status as ‘security screens’.