February 20, 2024

As summer approaches, homeowners are seeking reliable protection against the impending storms. Prowler Proof ForceField®, the leading residential stainless steel mesh security screen, has emerged as the best option for safeguarding homes against extreme weather conditions. The product's success in the US Hurricane & pressure cycle test (AAMA 506-06/ASTM E1996/ASTM E1886) has solidified its position as the ultimate choice for storm protection. 

The US Hurricane & pressure cycle test is a rigorous examination that evaluates the durability and resilience of security screens. It comprises two crucial components: the missile test and the pressure cycle test. In the missile test (Level D), a 4.1 kg piece of timber is propelled at an impact speed of 54 km/h, simulating the force of a hurricane. Following this, the security screen is subjected to 9,000 air pressure cycles, replicating varying wind directions and speeds, with intervals of less than 5 seconds. 

ForceField® not only withstood the missile test but also emerged unscathed from the pressure cycle test. The product's exceptional performance in both assessments highlights its unparalleled strength and ability to withstand the harshest storm conditions. The missile test, although less demanding than the Australian Standards test, was effortlessly passed by ForceField®. Furthermore, the pressure cycle test report confirmed that the screen exhibited no signs of failure or distress throughout the testing process. 

The successful completion of the US Hurricane & pressure cycle test further solidifies ForceField®'s reputation as the strongest residential security screen available in the market. Homeowners can now rest assured that their properties will be shielded from the destructive forces of summer storms thanks to the unmatched protection offered by ForceField®.  

Prowler Proof, the manufacturer of ForceField®, has consistently prioritised the safety and security of homeowners. With the summer season just around the corner, the company's commitment to providing top-notch storm protection has never been more crucial. By investing in ForceField®, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their homes are fortified against the unpredictable and potentially devastating forces of nature. 

To witness the impressive performance of ForceField® in the US Hurricane & pressure cycle test, interested individuals can view the video demonstration below or read the full testing document here.

As summer storms loom, make the smart choice and opt for the best-in-class storm protection with Prowler Proof ForceField®. Don't compromise on the safety of your home - choose ForceField® and experience the ultimate peace of mind.