January 29, 2024

Prowler Proof ForceField® security screens have recently had their Fire Attenuation certification updated. ForceField® was independently tested by the CSIRO and was proven to meet the necessary standards for protecting window openings in close proximity to property boundaries or other buildings.

Fire Attenuation Screens are specifically designed to safeguard window openings that are less than 3 meters from a property boundary or within 6 meters of another building on the same allotment. These screens are an essential component in meeting the requirements of the National Construction Code, particularly when it comes to fire safety.

The ForceField® stainless steel security screen product has undergone rigorous testing in accordance with AS1530.4 – 2014, Appendix B7. The results of these tests have shown no failure, demonstrating the effectiveness of Prowler Proof's ForceField® Fire Attenuation screens in protecting against radiant heat.

In one test, a wall with an opening protected by a ForceField® security screen was exposed to nominally 60kW/m2 radiant heat. The screen's performance was evaluated based on its attenuation and integrity criteria. The screen achieved an attenuation of at least 46% when exposed to the radiant heat, meeting the requirements outlined in AS 1530.4-2014 Clause Additionally, there was no failure observed for a duration of 60 minutes, as specified in Clause

These impressive test results highlight the reliability and effectiveness of ForceField® as a Fire Attenuation Screen. Architects, builders, and fire engineers can confidently specify ForceField® in their projects, knowing that it meets the necessary performance outcomes for fire safety.

With their CSIRO fire attenuation compliance renewed, Prowler Proof continues to provide high-quality security screens that not only protect against intruders but also contribute to the overall fire safety of buildings.