Stainless Steel Hinge

Prowler Proof don't take short cuts when selecting hardware for our security screens. We understand that every component that goes into your security screen is important. We know that you expect your product to look good, perform to the standards, and last. That's why Prowler Proof product ordered with Lockwood 8654 (hinge door) locks, will be partnered with stainless steel hinges.

Why are stainless steel hinges a benefit?

The stainless steel hinges are the highest level 316 marine grade and add durability to the door, especially in coastal areas and those exposed to heavy pollution.


Do they perform to the Australian Standards for security?

Our hinge door ranges have been tested, and passed, the Australian Standards AS5039 for security, with the Lockwood stainless steel hinges.


and here's the proof:

Our hinge door testing reports are all available for downloading here.


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