March 28, 2024

Watch and share this video with your consumers to show them how to use the new Prowler Proof Screen Care 2 in 1 Wash & Wax Kit!

  1. Before cleaning with the new Screen Care Kit, carefully remove any loose deposits.
  2. Then, simply fill a 4L bucket with warm water and mix a small amount (5ml) of the Screen Cleaner concentrate to the bucket.
  3. Grab you microfibre mitt and soak it in the bucket of water and concentrate and wring before cleaning.
  4. Thoroughly clean the mesh and frame with the mitt.
  5. Finally, rinse the screen with clean cold water from the hose or high-pressure water cleaner, remember to avoid the frame if using a high-pressure cleaner, to protect its powder coating.
  6. Dry with a clean and soft microfibre cloth.

Visit the Care & Maintenance section of our website for more information on cleaning schedules and lock, hinge and roller cleaning.

Wash and Wax Youtube Video Link image