July 10, 2023

Prowler Proof are thrilled to share with you the incredible experience we had offering up our products and services at the community housing project, Hannah's Sanctuary. This project was made possible by a kind-hearted philanthropist developer who gave us the opportunity to be part of this wonderful initiative.

Working alongside Small Steps 4 Hannah and Beyond DV, we teamed up with a group of our dedicated dealers who generously donated their time to install security screens throughout the complex. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to those that helped on the day, Bay Breeze Security Screens, Miza Home Security, Australian Security Organisation Pty Ltd, My Style Jimboomba Screens and Window Coverings, Ajay Security Screens & Blinds for their support and contribution.

The energy after the installation and opening day truly captured the spirit of this project. It was an honor to be involved and witness the impact it had on the community. We invite you to explore options in your own communities and to learn more about the importance of community housing and DV housing solutions.

Overall, the security screen products chosen for the townhouses meet the brief perfectly by providing high-level security and privacy for the occupants. The products, included Prowler Proof ForceField® and Protec security windows, that have been tested and pass Australian Standards for security. The inclusion of H.I.T. interlocks and receivers and Performance Plus (P+) extended strikes adds an additional level of security to the sliding doors on the ground floor.

In terms of design and innovation, all screens were powder coated to match the window and door systems, creating a cohesive aesthetic. The choice of H.I.T. interlocks and receivers also ensure that no fasteners are visible, enhancing the overall appearance. The use of Protec fixed window screens for the second storey windows obstructs the view from outside, increasing privacy for the occupants.

Functionally, the Protec screens require less cleaning compared to screens made of different metal types. All screens meet Australian Standards for security, and the sliding doors have been tested with H.I.T. receivers to meet the installation standard. The Protec fixed window screens also comply with the National Construction Code requirements for fall prevention, allowing for full ventilation through the upper levels of the townhouse.

The installation of the security screens was successful, and the developer is pleased with the outcome. The high levels of security and increased privacy provided by the screens will benefit the occupants of the townhouses. The participation and generosity of the Prowler Proof dealers in volunteering their installation time has allowed the charities to deliver safe and welcoming homes for the occupants.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in making Hannah's Sanctuary a reality. Your support and dedication have made a significant difference in the lives of those in need. Together, we can create safe and welcoming homes for all. 

Hannahs Sanctuary - Gallery 1
Hannahs Sanctuary - Gallery 2
Hannahs Sanctuary - Gallery 3
Hannahs Sanctuary - Gallery 4