July 11, 2023

Nestled atop a picturesque hill, the homeowner's west-facing Woodhill residence offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the magnificent mountain ranges in the west of Brisbane. With a desire to safeguard their haven without compromising on the awe-inspiring outlook, they sought a security solution that would seamlessly blend with the aesthetics of their home. After careful consideration, they turned to ForceField® products, renowned for their unrivalled security features and innovative design. Now, their home stands as a fortress against intruders, while still allowing them to relish the captivating beauty of their mountainous surroundings.

For this project AJAY Security recommended the ForceField® products for the site because they provide maximum security. ForceField® not only meets the 6 security tests outlined in the Australia Standards AS5041 for security testing, but it also withstands more than 16 times the required force for cyclone testing. The sliding doors come with extended P+ strikes, which offer additional defence against Jemmy attacks. The fine mesh used in ForceField® security doors and windows make it impossible to grab during the pull test and even after dynamic impact and jemmy testing, there are no gaps between the mesh and frame. The probe test cannot be performed on ForceField® doors or windows because the mesh aperture is smaller than the required size. The knife shear test also leaves minimal damage on ForceField® doors or windows, as it requires a continuous penetration of less than 150 mm. The shear test cannot be performed on ForceField® doors or windows due to the tightly woven mesh that prevents pliers from getting a grip. Additionally, the average breaking point of a strand in ForceField® exceeds the standard by more than 60%.

In terms of design and innovation, not all products and brands allow you to cover entire window systems, but the Hinge Window security screens offer maximum security when installed in this manner. It leaves very few access points for an intruder to enter the home, making it the ultimate in-home security.

The functionality of the Hinge Window security screens is also highlighted. They can be completely removed when unlocked, making them easy to remove when the glass or screen needs to be cleaned. This ensures that there is always a clear view of the wonderful mountain range outlook that their home looks out over.

Overall, the homeowner was extremely satisfied with the level of security, maximized ventilation, and functionality that these screens provided for their home. They feel safe from intruders and are still able to enjoy their beautiful hilltop position and views.

Project Details