July 27, 2023

Absolute Security was tasked with providing high quality security screens for a stunning custom-built home. The house, nestled in a picturesque setting, required security screens that not only met the highest safety standards but also enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal.

One of the key requirements was a security screen product that complied with a BAL 12.5 rating. Absolute Security rose to the challenge and supplied Prowler Proof ForceField, a product known for its ability to meet the most stringent BAL requirements, including BAL FZ. This ensured that the property was not only secure but also protected against the threat of bushfires.

The home boasted beautiful louvre windows, which presented a unique challenge. The blades extended past the external window frame, making it difficult to find a solution that allowed for full operation of the louvres without compromising security. However, Absolute Security's installation experience and expertise came to the fore, and they were able to devise a solution that seamlessly integrated the security screens with the louvre windows, providing both functionality and peace of mind.

Another standout feature of the home was the Alfresco stacking sliding doors. The clients wanted to maintain an unobstructed view and opted for a design without a mid-rail. By using ForceField, meant that the need for a mid-rail was eliminated on these large doors. This not only enhanced the visual appeal of the doors but also ensured an unobstructed view that met the clients' requirements.

To further enhance the security of the sliding doors, Absolute Security incorporated Performance Plus Strikes, developed in partnership with ASSA Abloy. These strikes significantly strengthened the doors' resistance to jemmy attacks, providing an added layer of protection. Concealed interlocks were also installed, creating a seamless look with no visible fixings, making the doors more tamper resistant.

Another final requirement was being able to match the front security door to the frame, which also is a colour that is featured throughout the home. With Prowler Proof security screens coming in 300 colours, they were able to satisfy the requirements with this custom colour.

The clients were highly satisfied with the security screen product and Absolute Security's services. They praised the high quality, transparency, and insect protection provided by the Prowler Proof ForceField screens. The absence of a mid-rail on the doors was also a highlight for them, as it enhanced the overall appearance of their home.

Throughout the project, Absolute Security demonstrated professionalism, exceptional workmanship, and a commitment to meeting the clients' needs. The security screens not only complemented the house but also provided a sense of safety and peace of mind, whether the clients were at home or away.

Project Details