July 5, 2012

Brisbane Common Ground is an innovative housing development for the homeless. Designed with security and energy efficiency in mind, Prowler Proof ForceField® security doors and windows were installed throughout.

Brisbane Common Ground provides 146 studio and one-bedroom units for people on low income, including people who were formerly homeless. This model of supportive housing was first established in 1990 in the US, with the objective of getting people housed and providing them with the support they need to stay housed. Thanks to its implementation, the number of chronically homeless in New York state has almost halved since 2005.

A concierge and on-site support staff provide 24-hour assistance to tenants, monitor access to the building and respond quickly to incidents that may arise. Along with the ForceField® security doors and windows installed in each unit, they play a vital role in providing safety and security for the residents.

The building was designed to meet a minimum benchmark of a 6-star BERS Energy Efficiency Rating – some units achieved 8.5 out of a possible 10 stars. These results could not have been achieved without the ForceField® security doors and windows which allow cross-room ventilation and negate the need for air conditioning.

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Project Details

  • Civic Glass and Aluminium