January 19, 2023

This 100+ year old Queenslander home was secured using a mixture of products including hinge doors, hinge windows and fixed windows. The client, who is an architect, spent a lot of time researching different window systems to go with the home, as they wanted to preserve as much of the original charm as possible with this complete renovation.   

The home had many quirks that made the manufacture of products unique with ‘out of square’ openings for the doors and windows, as well as a challenging installation for the dealer at Get Real Secure.

The ForceField product was chosen, as the client wanted maximum transparency, with the home looking over a beautiful local park, as well as being able to capture airflow and keeping large and small intruders at bay. It was also important the product would not only suit the aesthetic of the property but enable the client to access their newly restored double hung windows for opening / closing and cleaning. 

The large bedroom 1600x1600mm windows were covered entirely with the hinge window product. This product can be used on large openings without the use of mid-rail or mullion, so didn’t interrupt the view. The frame also blends in seamlessly with their beautiful architraves. Hinge doors were used on the living areas outward opening French doors and large fixed windows were used across a bank of louvres in the dining area and study. 

Overall, the client was very pleased with the range of product solutions Adam from Get Real Secure was able to blend in order the get the best results for the home.

Project Details