September 4, 2019

Nestled into the side of a hill in Brookfield, Qld, the home is a Japanese influenced, minimalist home, complete with its own running stream and duck pond. Also surrounded by bush, the home features an indoor/outdoor pool and vibrant internal colour palette, all within a moody dark exterior shell.


The home owners requested that the home be screened to reduce the number of insects inside, caused by the surrounding trees, bush and pond, and also to help minimise the risks of bushfire. They wanted to ensure the product selected did not block any light, as the home has two sides with around 10 metres of windows down both sides.


Because the home is isolated from neighbouring properties, and the living spaces are separated within the home, they wanted to ensure security for residents, no matter where they are in the home.


Architecturally designed, the home focusses on open views and large expanses of glass. The owners didn't want the security screen product to impede their views, and were very against any midrails.


With the help of Stephen Chalmers from CSI Chalmers Security, Prowler Proof ForceField welded stainless steel security was selected throughout the house on all external windows and doors. ForceField has been tested to AS5039 and AS5040, ensuring the highest level of security for residents.


ForceField’s marine grade stainless steel infill has a 42.5% open area, allowing airflow and providing low maintenance for the owners. The stainless steel mesh also provides protection from insects. All products selected are covered by Prowler Proof's 10 year full replacement warranty, ensuring the home owner ongoing peace of mind.


ForceField is also rated to BAL-FZ, so covered the requirements for bushfire protection for the home.


All sliding security doors were fitted with Prowler Proof's concealed fix interlocks and receivers. These provided the homeowner with high security, as all fasteners are fitted within a recessed, tamper resistant channel, and then hidden with a cover strip, providing a smooth clean aesthetic finish, to match the rest of the home’s aesthetics.


The installation was awarded the National Security Screen Association Design Award 2019, Best Installation Residential. 


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