March 28, 2023

Prowler Proof has been investing in growing brand awareness since its inception. When it comes to building a memorable brand, consistency is everything. This creates clarity around the brand and less confusion from the consumer. It’s essential for the brand to be represented in the same way, from the start of the consumer’s journey to the end. We need everyone's input within this consumer journey, to deliver consistency.  

Here are five common mistakes that we see with the use of the Prowler Proof primary logo:

  1. Prowler Proof is a white badge with black writing and comes as one piece, it should not be reversed. 
  2. The Prowler Proof logo has an extra white border beyond the black border, this should not be cut off. 
  3. The registered trademark should never be removed.  
  4. The Prowler Proof logo has rounded corners on the outside border, they should not be squared off. 
  5. Not enough white space around the edge of the logo. Use the height of the P as a minimum of space around the logo. 
Correct and Incorrect Prowler Proof Uses 5 common mistakes