Become a Dealer

If you are an experienced security door and screen installer, and you hold the appropriate licences for your state, consider joining the Prowler Proof team. 

It’s easy
Dealing with Prowler Proof is easier than dealing with any other security screen manufacturer or wholesaler. You'll receive the products ready to install. All you have to do is sell, order and install – you can forget all the headaches of manufacturing. We deliver Australia wide.

The product is unique
Prowler Proof is Australia's only welded security screen – therefore it's stronger and better looking than any other security screen. Thanks to our world class fully automated factory we can keep the prices competitive and we ALWAYS deliver on time, in spec.

You’re the boss
As a dealer you can buy as much or as little from Prowler Proof as you want. You can sell our products exclusively or as part of your current product portfolio. There isn’t even a contract to sign. We welcome dealers from every corner of Australia. What’s stopping you?

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More Time

Sell & install

Most security screen companies spend as much time manufacturing as they do selling and installing. But in many cases, manufacturing creates more problems than profit. Can you imagine what would happen with your turnover if you spent all your time selling and installing?

We’ll manufacture

Prowler Proof is Australia’s only security screen made in a world class fully automated factory.
You enter your order online and within 5 days your top quality finished product leaves our factory - complete with hinges, locks and everything – ready for you to install.

Earn more – or work less

With the time consuming manufacturing out of the way, you will have the capacity to sell more products and significantly increase your bottom-line. Or – if you are your own boss – choose to work less for the same money.

Less Hassle


Your Prowler Proof products arrive ready-to-fit. You won’t have to deal with one supplier for the hinges, another for the rollers, a third for extrusion, a fourth for the mesh and so forth. Prowler Proof supplies a finished product faster and more reliably than anybody else in the industry.
We wholesale to security screen dealers and installers across Australia.

On time, in spec – ALWAYS

Prowler Proof’s world class factory is fully automated. From the moment you enter your order until it leaves our factory, you can follow it online. Not that you’ll have to. 99.5% of all orders are delivered on time, in spec. You can stop worrying about suppliers and start getting more business.

Online and easy

You order online and what you order is what you get. Nothing is ‘lost in translation’. The moment you enter your order, you’ll know the full and final cost as well as when your finished products leave our factory. That makes it much easier to run a profitable business.

Easy Sell

Welded corners

Prowler Proof is the only security screen with welded corners. Welds are stronger than any rivet or screw…and look much better. Our stainless steel ForceField® product and Diamond designs
have survived every test in the book. Heritage doors and insect screens complement our product portfolio.

Australia’s best warranty

Prowler Proof’s 10-year replacement warranty is the only one of its kind in Australia. It’s a warranty you can count on. We don’t prescribe rigorous maintenance schemes to make our products go the distance. We don’t have to. Our products are welded and no two metals ever interact…eliminating a major cause of corrosion.

Professional sales tools

Prowler Proof is easy to sell. The welded corners make it look better than any other security screen and efficient manufacturing keeps the price competitive. We have developed a sales kit with samples so that your customers can see and feel the difference. That’s usually all it takes to sell Prowler Proof…