There are lots of differences between Prowler Prowler and other security screen brands. 

Welding image 

Consistent manufacturing process

All Prowler Proof screens are manufactured in our fully automated, PROBE world class rated factory. This means you know that your screens are produced to the same standard as the screens that undergo performance testing
Force Field Welded Corners 

Welded corners

Prowler Proof is the only security screen brand to feature welded corners, not only making it stronger but also better looking.  A weld joins two parts together, a screw or a rivet merely hold two parts together. A weld can actually be stronger than the parts joined…and it looks better than screws or rivets, too.


Force Field Bond 

Highest corrosion resistance

Whenever two different metals interact, there's a risk of corrosion. With no fasteners, screws or rivets to penetrate the frame and the mesh in order to keep them together, this risk is eliminated in a Prowler Proof security screen. Our screens are assembled with a heavy duty aluminium frame and 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, joined together in a mechanical and chemical bond that is virtually unbreakable and provides complete insulation of the two metals, eliminating a major cause of corrosion in other security screen brands.  Prowler Proof ForceField and Protec are the only 'complete' security screens that have passed the 1,000 hour neutral salt spray test - most manufacturers only test the mesh. Prowler Proof ForceField and Protec have also passed the 1,000 hour acetic acid salt spray test. With a pH similar to vinegar, acetic acid salt spray is 10,000 times more acidic than neutral salt spray. ForceField's 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh has survived a 10,000 hour neutral salt spray test as well.    

Above and beyond the standards

Prowler Proof products have undergone more independent testing that any other security screen brand on the market.



Beating burglars

Prowler Proof security products meet or exceed all relevant Australian Standards…as well as some even tougher international standards. These tests include simulated burglar attacks with a knife, a screwdriver, cutting pliers, kicking and pulling. No match for ForceField, Protec or any Diamond product. 


Imagine being hit by five steel bullets less than a centimetre in diameter at 170km/h plus. Or a 4kg timber block at more than 100km/h. That is what is required by the Australian Standards Cyclone Test and Prowler Proof ForceField passed with flying colour. ForceField has also passed the American Standards Hurricane Test
Bush Fire


ForceField is approved for buildings in bushfire prone areas… other Prowler Proof products just need the optional stainless steel insect gauze to comply. 


ForceField is one of very few Australian security screens that has been WERS tested for both residential and commercial applications. The European Standard EN 14501 test revealed that ForceField reduces heat and UV light by 55%. 
Qualicoat Logo 

Only Qualicoat accredited applicator

Prowler Proof is one of only 10 Qualicoat approved powder coating applicators in Australia, and the only security screen manufacturer. Qualicoat's strict standards mean that your Prowler Proof product's powder coating will last the test of time. And this isn't a set and forget test, we conduct daily testing to ensure we continue to meet their strict standards, and are audited by Qualicoat themselves twice per year.  
10 year warranty 

Australia's only full replacement warranty

All Prowler Proof product is covered by our 10 year replacement warranty. It's Australia's only replacement warranty and means you will get a brand new product, not a repair, if something goes wrong with your screen. We also have no strict cleaning regime to follow or any requirement for special cleaning solutions that you must use. 
Quality Powdercoat 

The largest colour selection

It doesn't matter what colour you're after to suit your home, with over 300 powder coat colours to choose from, we'll have the perfect one for you.

Prowler Proof security screen authorised dealer 

Industry's shortest leadtime

Prowler Proof operates consistently at the industry's shortest leadtime, so your screens will be installed before you know it. 
Prowler Proof Authorised Dealer 

Audited Authorised Dealers

By selecting one of the authorised dealers from our website, you can feel confident you've made the right choice. We've taken the risk out of choosing by auditing all of our dealers, to make sure you'll receive superior customer service and the installation to Australian Standard. 

But don't only take our word for it.  We encourage all of our customers to do their research.  Check out our online reviews on Google, Facebook or Product Review.  Check out your authorised dealers reviews.  We're sure you won't be disappointed.