August 29, 2017

What makes Prowler Proof screens unique?


Consistent manufacturing process 

All Prowler proof screens are manufactured in our fully automated PROBE world class rated factory.  

 welded corner    

Welded corners 

Prowler Proof is the only security screen brand to feature welded corners, not only making them stronger but also better looking. 


Highest corrosion resistance 

Our screens are assembled with heavy duty aluminum frame and 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, joined together in a mechanical and chemical bond that is virtually unbreakable and provides complete insulation of the two metals, eliminating a major cause of corrosion in their security screen brands. 

 above and beyond    

Above and beyond the standards 

Prowler Proof products have undergone more independent testing than any other security screen brand on the market. 

 short lead time    

Industry’s shortest lead time 

Prowler Proof operates consistently at the industry’s shortest lead time, so your screens will be installed before you know it. 

 300 colours    

Largest colour selection 

It doesn’t matter what colour you’re after to suit your home, with over 300 powder coat colours to choose from, we’ll have the perfect one for you. 


Full replacement warranty 

All Prowler Proof product is covered by our 10 year replacement warranty. It’s Australia’s only replacement warranty and means you will get a brand new product, not a repair, if something goes wrong with your screen.