Prowler Proof Qualicoat Top 10

10 year warranty

August 4, 2014

You are extremely unlikely to ever need the Prowler Proof warranty. But if you do, we'd like you to know that you can count on it. We regard a warranty claim as an opportunity to improve our products and to ensure that no Prowler Proof customer is left behind. Ever. We invite you to have a really good look at our warranty – it’s full of pleasant surprises…

  • You get a brand new product The Prowler Proof warranty is Australia’s only replacement warranty. Instead of a repair job, you will get a brand new product.

  • You don’t have to do a thing The moment your Prowler Proof product leaves our factory, you’re covered by the warranty. You don’t even need to keep your receipt – all products have a serial number that we can track in our system.

  • Claiming is easy It’s easy to claim. Use the online claim form and we’ll respond by the next business day, if not before. Or contact the dealer who installed your Prowler Proof product.

  • Clean at your leisure Prowler Proof products are made to last. We expect you to look after your Prowler Proof product as you would any other major investment, but we have no rigorous cleaning schedules laid out.


ForceField® or Diamond security screens, Heritage barrier doors, insect screens…the warranty is the same no matter which Prowler Proof product you buy. For a closer look at the Prowler Proof warranty, have a look here.