Prowler Proof Badge

December 12, 2013

The classy three dimensional Prowler Proof badge is a daily reminder that you have invested in the best residential security door money can buy. From early 2014 all Prowler Proof doors will be delivered with this extra touch of class, previously the badge was a feature on hinge doors only.

Your hinge doors will have the badge on the outside, your sliding doors will show off the badge on the inside as well as on the outside.

Security door locks – Lockwood

Screen door locks –Whitco


The changes are cosmetic only. Australia’s strongest residential security locks still come standard on all Prowler Proof security doors (ForceField® and Diamond). Security hinge doors come with the Lockwood 8654 – security sliding doors are delivered with the Lockwood 8653. Both locks feature Kinetic Defence technology and carry a 25 year mechanical warranty.

All Prowler Proof screen doors (Heritage and Insect) come standard with quality Whitco locks. Hinge screen doors come with a Whitco Tasman lock – sliding screen doors are delivered with a Whitco Leichhardt lock. Both carry a 10 year warranty. All screen doors can be delivered with a Lockwood 8654 or 8653 security lock as an optional upgrade.