Protec Security Screen

Protec Security Screen Door

April 16, 2015

Protec is already a popular member of the Prowler Proof family. Positioned in between ForceField® and Diamond, it’s the perfect fit if you want to combine a modern look with an affordable price. That’s exactly what Scott and Laura were after when they bought security screens for their new home. Scott tells their story...

“We have a pool in the backyard and we wanted to be able to use it without locking all windows and doors. Security screens would allow us to get a breeze through the house while chilling in the pool without a worry in the world. And we knew that the insurance companies reduce their premiums if you have security screens installed.”

“The first quote dampened our enthusiasm. It was for a stainless steel product and the cost was about twice of what we had expected. We thought we would have to install old fashioned diamond grilles – until a friend told us about Prowler Proof.”

“The Prowler Proof dealer came out and he was just the nicest guy. He showed us samples of all our options and explained pros and cons of each one of them. We ended up getting a quote for Diamond and Protec. Their top-of-the-line product ForceField® was very nice but a bit out of our price range.”

“When the quotes came back, it turned out that Protec would only be about $1,000 dearer than Diamond all up. That made our decision easy, since Protec is a much better looking product. The dealer gave us good advice about which of the 300 colours to choose – we went for charcoal to suit our future roof.”

“I can honestly not think of a single thing we would have done differently. The dealer was one of the nicest guys we have ever dealt with and Protec is such a quality product. It is slightly darker than ForceField® but that actually suits us well since we’re both shift workers and often need to sleep during the day.”

“We have recommended the dealer and Prowler Proof to absolutely everybody. I think my sister will be the next one to call him…”


What could Prowler Proof do for your home?

Have a chat to your local dealer and you’ll find out. The dealer will come to your home with samples of all our products…there’s a perfect fit for you as well.