Protec Corner

August 6, 2020

Protec has undergone a facelift! While the changes might not be obvious at first glance, you now get more features when it comes to this smart security product.  

Protec is still constructed by Queensland’s largest security screen manufacturer, Prowler Proofand still comes with the famous welded corners. However, the perforated aluminum sheet now comes with more features and benefits than it did before. Here is a list of what you can expect when buying the Protec product in the future.  

  • The aluminium is 1.7mm thermally treatedThe heat treatment ultilises alloying elements in the aluminum to further increase the strength and hardness of the mesh. 

  • Maximum 2.0mm perforations (reduced from 2.4mm), meaning it can now be used in Bushfire zone applications to a maximum BAL-29. It also means it is a better filter for smaller insects. 

  • Hole pattern design change increases the open area of the screen to 40.3% (previously 39.2%), giving you increased airflow, light transmission and viewing angles of up to 135 degrees (previously 110 degrees). 

  • It is now finished in a wear resistant Textura black powder coat, improving resistance to marking and scratching.  

  • Finally, it is pre-treated and powder coated by a Qualicoat approved supplier which gives you higher corrosion resistance.  

Visit the Protec page on our website for more information on this great product or find your local dealer using the quoting tool on our website, and ask for a sample.