War Widows Guild Prowler Proof Security Screen Project

War Widows Guild Prowler Proof Security Screen Project

December 17, 2014

Soldiers killed in action are often hailed as heroes, but who thinks of their widows once the dust has settled? That’s the philosophy behind War Widows’ Guild of Australia, which has provided affordable housing for elderly war widows since 1945. Recently the Guild opened a brand new block of units, designed by architect Andrew Roe. Andrew chose Prowler Proof ForceField® for security…


The strongest security screen

“Security is a huge priority for the war widows, who average 70 years of age," says Andrew. “The ladies live alone but they like to know what goes on around them. They often keep their front doors open – even at night – which is one reason why I specified the strongest security door on the market for the project. Prowler Proof ForceField® is a level up from anything else due to the welded corners.”

“Another concern was corrosion since the unit block is located close to the water’s edge. Again the welded corners offer a unique advantage. While the corner joints in all other security screens are exposed, ForceField’s welded corners are just as corrosion-resistant as the rest of the security screen.”

Hitec Glazing installed all glazing and security screens at the new War Widows estate. The owner Derryn Whight has used Prowler Proof multiple times for similar projects. “The biggest advantage of using Prowler Proof for this kind of project is that their delivery times are the best in the industry and that you always get exactly what you ordered. Your online order dictates what happens in their factory – it’s all computer controlled.”

“The welded corners do mean that you have to be extra careful when you measure. You can’t take a Prowler Proof security screen apart, cut a few millimetres off here and there and then reassemble it like you can with other security screens. On the other hand, it’s the welded corners that make Prowler Proof a stronger product and that’s what counts in the end.”

Read the full story and see all the photos here or contact your local Prowler Proof dealer. The dealer will present you with samples of different security screens and help you make the right choice.


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Organisation: War Widows' Guild of Australia

Installer: Hitec Glazing

Builder: Tomkins Commercial & Industrial Builders