Heritage Screen Doors on entrance of home

Heritage Screen Doors on entrance of home

February 23, 2015

Prowler Proof products offer more than protection...they can also be used to enhance the architecture of a home.

Look at this home on the Gold Coast. The owners have used Prowler Proof Heritage to create a new entrance area that not only enhances the home from the outside but also creates an extra room inside. A bright and airy room where the owners now enjoy breakfast in the morning sun.

The result was achieved with Heritage and the owners had 27 designs to choose from. A similar effect could have been achieved with any of our security products ForceField®Protec or Diamond – more than 300 colour options leave plenty of room for the imagination!

If you’d like to hear the whole story and see all the pictures, please visit our Project Gallery. If you’d like to see what Prowler Proof products could do for your home, please get in touch with your local Prowler Proof dealer. The dealer will come to your home with samples of all Prowler Proof products and will help you make the right choices for your home.

“Our front entrance was really wasted space without a meaningful purpose. We wanted to enclose it in a way that would not only add space, but also character to our home.”

“What used to be wasted space is now an extra room where we often enjoy our breakfast. The area gets the early morning sun and the breezes are just wonderful. We never close our front door any more so we’re getting a lot more light into our home as well.”