March 12, 2014

New Diamond designs showroom...with style & colour selectors!

There’s a brand new Diamond designs showroom on the Prowler Proof website – complete with style and colour selectors! You can see what all four Diamond designs look like as security hinge doors, security sliding doors or security windows in any of our 50 standard colours. With a click of a mouse or tap of a finger, the security screens change style and colour right in front of your eyes...


All your questions ANSWERED

Every question you have about Prowler Proof’s Diamond designs are answered in one spot. Styles, colours, options…everything is there. And of course the showroom links to the Diamond Performance page. Just in case you want evidence that Prowler Proof is the strongest diamond design security screen on the market.


Optional COLOURS

The colour selectors cover all 50 standard colours. The new Diamond designs showroom also features colour charts for more than 250 optional colours, all available without affecting delivery times.