Pet Door

Pet Door

December 7, 2016

Prowler Proof has a range of style options to choose from if you have a family pet you’d like to allow free access inside/outside.

You will no longer need to jump up to let the dog out, or risk having the cat scratching or meowing at your door at all hours, thanks to the addition of one of our pet access options.

Prowler Proof Pet Doors

Prowler Proof pet doors are manufactured with a 32mm wide fully welded aluminium frame and come in three standard sizes – small (opening 171mm x 163mm), medium (opening 227mm x 210xx) and large (opening 300mm x 242mm), or we can make it any size you like.

The fully welded aluminium frame can be black (ForceField and Protec) or colour matched to the door (Welded Diamond and Insect designs). The flap is made of tinted poly-carbonate. Prowler Proof Pet Doors do not have any magnetic centring or closing mechanism.

Petway Pet Doors

Petway pet doors are made of UV stabilised plastic and come in three standard sizes – small (opening 240mm x 190mm), medium (opening 305mm x 225mm) and large (opening 400mm x 260mm) and six colours: black, white, stone beige, primrose, brown and bronze.

The flap is made of UV stabilised plastic. Small and medium Petway pet doors have magnetic centring and a closing mechanism. Large Petway pet doors have magnetic centring but do not fasten close.

Check out the Prowler Proof styles available to let your pets come and go.