August 6, 2018

When you add security doors and window screens to your home, you know you’re adding lots of positives such as:
Positive benefits of security icons

But will you lose airflow?

It is true that security screens cover some of the open space of the window, due to the mesh component of the screen. But, what you give up in open space, you quickly gain back as you can now have your windows fully open 24 hours a day, allowing your house to breathe, even when you’re not there. You will have a constant flow of fresh air through your house, keeping it cool.

Without screens, you will still need to close up all the windows when you are heading out, and then open them all again when you return. This is a time consuming process. You also need to close up the windows at night time, to ensure no one enters while residents are asleep. During these periods, your house is getting no airflow at all.

Do different styles of security screen give different airflow?

Yes. ForceField stainless steel provides an aperture (individual hole size) of 1.62mm and 42.5% open area. Protec perforated aluminium provides an aperture of 2.0mm and 40% open area.

*When you select a product like ForceField or Protec, which have undergone Window Energy Rating Scheme testing