October 26, 2020

How much do security screens cost? This is a question we’re often asked, being the manufacturer, we design and manufacture the products and sell through our dedicated network of Authorised Dealers, who are independent businesses. They set the price to include their labor. They will come out, check measure, see if there are any specific requirements, place the order using our ordering systemit is then custom made to the millimeter at Prowler Proof’s manufacturing facilityand finally the dealer will return to install the product at your home. 

The cost of screens can vary depended on product range, size of openingand unique requirements. Not all security screen brands can be considered equaland it is worth doing your research. There are many things to consider when choosing a security screen product and Authorised Dealer. 

When choosing a security screen productit is essential to research whether it is compliant to the Australian Standard otherwise, it is just considered a barrier screen. The three main things to ask your dealer when they arrive for a check measure and when you’re choosing your product: 

  • Has this product passed the AS5039 tests for security? 
  • Will it be ordered with a 3-point lock and pin cylinder? 

  • Finally ask if they will be installing to AS5040, the Australian Standards for installation. AS5040 is an important standard when getting your security screens installed, it ensures that the doors and window screens are being installed correctly, if they aren’t, they won't be secure or compliant. Prowler Proof provides training and How To Guides to our dealer network, to ensure they understand the requirements of AS5040.  

If the answers are yes, then you have a compliant product and installer. Your product should come with its own security compliance sticker, like the one below. 

Compliance Sticker

Prowler Proof has the largest range of products of any supplier in Queensland. Our security products include, ForceField which is our premium product, Protec which is middle of the range, and Diamond which is the most economical product. We also sell a range of non-security products or ‘barrier screens’, for insect protection, fall prevention of second storey windows and classic heritage designsWith Prowler Proof’s broad range, you can influence the price to fit your budgetThere are also different payment options and some of our dealers offer Interest Free payment plans. 

So, how much do security screens cost? The answer is, the cost of security screens can vary depending on product range, size, installation, colourand accessories. Speak with your dealer on what options suit your needs and budget. This is a large investment in your home and safety, so do your research and find someone you are comfortable with and a product you can trust.