August 30, 2021

Thanks to the way they’re built Prowler Proof don’t require a strict cleaning schedule, however, it is important to take care of your investment, especially if you live in coastal areas as they’re made from stainless steel and aluminium.  

As a rule, if you’re in a mild marine environment, more than 10kms from salt water, you should aim for every 6 months. Moderate marine conditions within 10kms from salt water, every 2-3 months. In severe marine conditions which is anything within 1km of salt water, once per month will keep your screens in top condition.  

Corrosion can have significant impact on homes that are built in coastal or marine environments. Prowler Proof screens are easy to clean, as they’re all in one piece, they’re welded together, powder coated and use minimal screws and rivets. They are built this way with the aim of reducing raw edge points, which are a higher risk of corrosion.  

ForceField is one of very few complete security screens that has passed the 1,000 hour neutral salt spray test – most manufacturers only test the mesh. But we took it a step further. As one of only two complete security screens on the market – Prowler Proof Protec being the other – ForceField has also passed the 1,000 hour acetic acid salt spray test. With a pH similar to vinegar, acetic acid salt spray is 10,000 times more acidic than neutral salt spray. ForceField’s 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh has survived a 10,000 hour neutral salt spray test as well. 

By choosing Prowler Proof, you’re choosing a product that has been made with corrosion in mind, each product has been carefully considered, designed and produced to reduce the risk. You can also be sure that each screen has been made to a consistent standard, which a rigorous quality control schedule, in one of Queensland’s largest security screen manufacturing facilities.