August 2, 2018
Climate outlooks for the end of Winter and into Spring 2018 have been released, and the prediction is for Hot, Hot, Hot weather.

Hot weather mapThe forecast is for the above average daytime temperatures experienced across Australia so far in 2018 to continue. August to October days and nights are likely to be warmer than average for most of the country. The chance of warmer days is greater than 80% across large parts of northern and eastern Australia.*

For home owners, that means consideration must be given to how to cool homes, both while home, and while out. There are several alternatives to cool homes.

Electronic cooling, such as air conditioners are effective, but add to ongoing energy costs for home owners. Opening existing windows is the least expensive alternative, but unscreened windows may be restricted due to fall restriction legislation, or windows may be unable to be left open due to security concerns. Security screens provide homeowners with natural ventilation, while also providing a range of other benefits.

Security screens provide home owners with the option of having their glass windows and doors, fully open, 24 hours per day. This allows the home to ‘breathe’ throughout the whole day, whether the home owner is there or not. Security screens also provide fall protection, in line with National Construction Code requirements. They provide security from intrusion, when tested to comply with AS5039. They can be used to make glass windows compliant in bushfire regions, and of course they stop insects.

Some security screens have also been tested to the Windows Energy Rating Scheme (WERS), and can actually reduce ongoing energy costs in the home by assisting with cooling in Summer and heating in Winter. Prowler Proof ForceField and Protec have both been tested. Check results here Protec and ForceField.

Get your home prepared for the heat, by contacting your local Prowler Proof dealer today. Contact your local dealer.

*Source: Australian Government, Bureau of Meteorology, Climate Outlooks Monthly and Seasonal