January 28, 2021

As parts of Australia experience a heatwave, and many people head back to work as the school holidays come to an end, don't forget your fur-babies. Here's three ways security screens can help your pets during a heatwave:  

heatwave 01       Let your pets come and go as they need with a pet door in your screen. If they're outside and need some shade, they can come inside as required, and won't end up stressed outside in the sun.
 heatwave 02     Leave your windows open safely so the house doesn't over heat. By putting security screens on your windows, you can leave them open, so your inside pet can enjoy the breeze, and your house won't over heat, so will be more comfortable when you return home.
 heatwave 03     Enclose your patio for a secure outdoor area for your pet. You can make a safe, outdoor location for your pet to enjoy while you're out, by enclosing your existing patio or balcony with screens. It will also make this space more liveable for you, as the screens will also keep out unwanted pests.


To talk through the options that will work for your family and your fur-baby, contact your local authorised Prowler Proof dealer www.prowlerproof.com.au/quote.