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April 3, 2013

We have put ForceField® through a series of grueling tests to confirm what we already knew: ForceField® is Australia’s strongest security screen. All documentation is only a click away – the headlines are right here…



The Australian Standards test consists of 6 separate tests that all have to be passed by the same test it adds up to quite severe punishment. ForceField® passed them all with flying colours:

Security - Dynamic impact test > view video
Security - Jemmy test > view video



Cyclone testing is the toughest test a security screen can go through and most security screens have not been cyclone tested at all. Those that have been tested, often skip the ballistics test and only pass the missile test at the relatively low impact speed of 54 km/h. ForceField® has passed the missile test at impact speeds of up to 104 km/h as well as the ballistics test at impact speeds of up to 178 km/h. Few if any other standard residential security screens have passed this gruelling test. On top of that, ForceField® has passed the US Hurricane and Pressure Cycle test as well. Have a look at the results:

Cyclone - Australian standards test > view video
Cyclone - US hurricane and pressure cycle test > view video



The Australian Standard for construction of homes in bushfire prone zones simply states that openable windows must be screened with corrosion- resistant steel, bronze or aluminium mesh with an opening of less than 2 mm x 2 mm. Consequently most security screens with stainless steel mesh can be used in bushfire prone areas. That doesn’t mean that they are all equally good. We put ForceField® to the test in a 91-minute inferno which few security screens would have survived. Forcefield® not only survived – it reduced the heat just one metre behind the screen by 90%

Bushfire > view video


Energy & UV light

Did you know that ForceField® also keeps solar heat and UV light out during summer? Few people would have thought that a security screen could make much difference so we decided to prove our point. In the absence of a relevant Australian Standard, we tested ForceField® to the European Standard EN 14501. The results show that ForceField® keeps 57% of solar heat and UV light outside…



Whenever two different metals interact there’s a risk of corrosion. So the fact that ForceField® is welded instead of being held together by screws or rivets makes it more corrosion-resistant than other security screens. Very few other security screens have survived the Australian Standards 2331 corrosion test – most manufacturers only test the mesh. The test is a 1,000 hour salt spray test and the ForceField® security screen survived with no visible corrosion. ForceField’s 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh has actually survived a 10,000 hour salt spray test.


Insect protection

In the absence of a relevant Australian test, the test was conducted in Thailand with dengue fever mosquitoes – a species native to Australia. The ForceField® security screen was measured by its ability to keep mosquitoes away from a food source. With a success rate of 99.97% - only 2 out of 600 mosquitoes got through within 72 hours – the message was clear: ForceField® keeps almost anything out.

If you want to know more about the performance of Australia’s strongest security screen, please have a look here.