October 11, 2021

This spring / summer season is set to heat up with temperatures already soaring. Brisbane in south-east Queensland recorded its hottest day since 2004 for October with temperatures reaching 36.6 degrees last week, with most areas around 5 and 10 degrees above average. See below maps from the BoM website on places set to exceed the minimum temperatures for November and December.

By installing security screens, you can save money on your energy by reducing the amount of ambient heat entering a home. This is known as a “U” value. Screens also create shade for direct sunlight entering the home. This is known as the solar heat gain Coefficient (SHGC).

There are of course other scientific factors involved however these main two factors result in creating the largest effects for heating or cooling your home.

The table below indicates how Prowler Proof ForceField® or Protec security screens will help lower energy consumption in your home. You can add up to three stars and increase the efficiency in your home and help lower power bills.