April 9, 2020

Making sure your security screens and flyscreens are clean is important to ensure maximum airflow and clean ventilation. Here’s some easy tips to help you get your screens clean.

If you can remove your security or flyscreen door or windows, then this is the easiest way to clean them, otherwise you can still follow the process below, with the screens in place.

Just ensure you close all doors/windows prior to starting.  

  • Remove your screens (remember to mark somewhere on the screen which room/window they belong to, to make refitting them easier later) 

  • Prop them up somewhere outside, on a fence or house wall if you have a spot, as this will allow for both cleaning and drying after. 

  • Using a hose, spray the gauze, mesh or grille. You’ll need to be careful with the water pressure, to ensure you don’t damage any insect gauze, or cause it to loosen or stretch in the frame. If you’re cleaning flyscreens, a garden hose is fine, if you have security screens with aluminium or stainless-steel infill you can use a high-pressure hose for these. Ensure you keep the nozzle at least 30cm away from screen if using a high-pressure hose 

  • If using a high-pressure hose, make sure to steer clear of the frame, as to not damage the powdercoat. 

  • Using warm, soapy water and a soft brush, rub over both sides of the frame and gauze/mesh/grille. 

  • Rinse clean with water. 

  • Leave to dry and reinstall.