Crime in Australia

October 29, 2019

According to Budget Direct’s latest analysis of home burglary in Australian statistics between 2018-2019, an estimated 2.4% of Australian households experienced a break-in, totaling 231,000, 20.3% of Australian homes have been burgled at some point, and tt takes 75% of burglars less than 5 minutes to enter a property.

A break-in is classified by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as “An act of unauthorised forced entry into a home or other private residence. Includes forced entry to a caravan (if the caravan was the person's permanent residence), garage, shed or any detached secure building such as games/hobby rooms or granny flats.”

In 2017 in New South Wales, 1.5% of homes had an attempted break-in, with a total of 43,400 incidents being reported. Victoria saw 1.6% of households, with a total of 39,200 homes and Queensland 2.5% of households and a total of 47,500 homes. The Australian average for break-ins was 2.5% of all households. Of the items stolen cash, laptops, jewellery, cameras, and phones made up the top five. See the image to the right for the number of break-ins by state in 2017. 
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

The good news is that over the past decade Australia has seen a steady reduction in the number of break-ins across the country. According to a survey of DUMA (Drug Use Monitoring in Australia) detainees, some of the reasons believed for this were; Improved security, changes to policing, increased affluence, increased imprisonment, changes to drug use and changes in the market for stolen goods. With the highest number of them (31%) saying that improved security was the biggest deterrent.

Of these detainees, they identified two main focus areas when prospecting. Lack of activity around the property and visibility/attractiveness of a residence. Now that we’re coming into the holiday season, we urge you to create a safer place at your place by keeping your security doors locked with a key, instead of just using the snib function.

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