January 13, 2021

The hardware is one of the defining features of the Prowler Proof hinge window security screen. Not only does this system have European designed multi-point locking but it also includes a two-way action handle.  

What is a two-way action handle?

The two-way action handle, lift up then turn, is designed to prevent accidental bump opening, so you know your security screen cannot be accidentally opened and your house left unsecured

Will the hinge window security screen handle clash with my blinds?

 The form and function of this handle is second to none, sitting flush with the frame when closed, so doesn't clash with any blinds, and is easy enough to use, should you need to make a quick exit. 

Like all Prowler Proof security products, our hinge window security screen has been tested and passed the Australian Standard AS5039 for security, so you can be confident that the screen will only open when you want it to.