January 15, 2021

The uniquely designed Prowler Proof hinge window security screen was awarded the most innovative component at the AGWA national Design Awards in 2019One of the unique defining features that sets it apart from all others, is its removeable sash. 

What is a removable security screen?

The Prowler Proof hinge window security screen sash is easily removed with no tools required, just a simple open, unlatch the euro-groove hardware and lift out of the frame. (Once unlatched, please handle the sash with care, always holding on to it.)  

What are the benefits of a removable security screen?

Being able to remove the security screen from the frame has many benefits, the biggest advantage, on a day to day basis, is the accessibility to open and remove the screen to clean both the screen itself and the window glass, for a perfect view. Being removable also means that when you want to open up your living spaces, like opening up your patio area for large gatherings, you can remove the screen sash, and pop it away in the garage for the day, then when the gathering is over, put it back in position and your home is secure again.  

If it's removable, how is it security?

Like all Prowler Proof security products, our hinge window security screen has been tested and passed the Australian Standard AS5039 for security, so you can be confident that the screen will only open when you want it to. It's the euro-groove hardware that allows the screen to be removable, when you want it to be, but also secure. 

It’s just another reason it’s the safest hinge window security screen on the market.