January 13, 2021

The Prowler Proof hinge window security screen is like no other openable security window screen on the market. Available in Prowler Proof’s premium ForceField stainless steel mesh or durable Protec perforated aluminium, this unique system includes Euro-groove, European designed hardware, with high security multi-point locking.  

What is multi-point locking?

This hardware means you have locking points on all sides of the screen, and because the hardware is concealed intruders cannot see any points to attack. It has been proven to perform time after time, so you can be assured that your screen will open when you need it to, and close properly every time 

Like all Prowler Proof security products, our Hinge window security screen has been tested and passed the Australian Standard AS5039 for security, so you can be confident that the screen will only open when you want it to. 

There is nothing safer than our hinge window security screen.